Fabulous outdoor bathroom design ideas

3 Unique Bathroom Placements Outside Your Home

Maybe some of you want the bathroom to be placed outside the room, to make it look like one with nature. Moreover, if the appearance of your bathroom is unique, it will spoil you when you take a shower.

This time we will discuss a unique outdoor bathroom for you. We hope this article can provide a solution for you. Let’s watch until the end. May be useful.

3 Unique Bathroom Placements Outside Your Home

1. Awesome small bathroom outdoor design

This type of bathroom is very suitable if placed in your backyard, along with the garden you will enjoy your bath very relaxed. Especially if there are trees and plants in your backyard, it will add to the feeling of happiness. And a touch of gravel floor will add to the beauty of your bathroom.

But for the placement of the toilet, it is placed in a closed room to make it look different from the bathroom. This time the bathroom uses a shower.

Awesome small bathroom outdor design
Awesome small bathroom outdoor design

We get Inpiration at  https://pandubb.com/

2. Cool outdoor bathroom Open shower like in Bali.

In this 2nd discussion, it is very suitable to be placed side by side with the walls of your house. And the selection of a shower bathroom will add to the beauty and will be more integrated with nature. The touch of green plants that are above the sower and beautiful views to the right and left of your bathroom and don’t forget the vines will add to the beauty of your bathroom.

Open air shower in bali
Open-air shower in Bali

Inspiration from https://pappery.com/

Coupled with the choice of color for the bathroom walls and bathroom floors such as rocks, it will add to the beauty of the bathroom and will feel like in Bali if you add a frangipani tree on the edge near your shower.

3. Outdoor bathroom designs

In picture 3 is a combination of a luxurious and unique bathroom. Because it combines a rocky bathroom with a shower bathroom. So it’s up to you which one you want to use. When you want to soak, you can use a stone. But if you want to take a shower with running water, you can use the shower.

Outdoor bathroom designs
Outdoor bathroom designs

We get Inspiration at https://freshouz.com/

As well as a touch of small lights on the edge of the bath floor and the selection of dark colors will add to the atmosphere and beauty of your bathroom. This type of bathroom is perfect if placed behind your house or elsewhere behind your kitchen. Of course, if your bathroom is outdoor it will be even better.

Hope it inspires.

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