Swimming pool inspired by the shape of a sea ship

3 Swimming Pool Models that will make the House look more Unique

Swimming pool oval-shaped
Swimming pool oval-shaped

We get Inspiration at https://decoredo.com/

Narrow land is a problem that will make you feel uncomfortable. In fact, you will spend a lot of money to buy land so that your house becomes wider and wider.

But not all families can spend money to buy land. Narrow land should not be a problem for you. We will discuss 3 models of swimming pools that will make your home look unique and attractive.

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3 Swimming Pool Models

1. Circular Swimming Pool Model

Swimming pool circular
Swimming pool circular

We get Inspiration at https://decoredo.com/

In picture 1, if your land is narrow but there is a garden there, it is suitable to make a circular swimming pool so it doesn’t take up a lot of land and will look wider and blend with nature.

Coupled with a touch of plants and rocks that follow the shape of this swimming pool, it will add to the unique aesthetics of your swimming pool. Even in a narrow area, it can be divided into 2 parts, namely a garden and a swimming pool. so that the children will look happy to be able to play in the garden and swimming pool. It makes your monitoring easier too.

2. Swimming Pool Model is Very Inspired by an Oval Ship and has a Sharp Angle.

Swimming pool inspired by the shape of a sea ship
Swimming pool inspired by the shape of a sea ship

Inspiration from https://decoredo.com/

For the 2nd picture, this is probably the most popular idea. Because this swimming pool model is very inspired by an oval ship and has a sharp angle.

So that if a child or family member swims, they will feel like they are in the middle of the sea and will make you and your child happy. And the color combination of the walls around the pool will also make it more unique.

3. Model of a Spa and Sauna-Style Swimming Pool in Japan

If you want a model of a spa and sauna-style swimming pool in Japan, this is the most suitable inspiration. A model like this will make your swimming pool look more unique than before.

And the presence of a few large trees will beautify your swimming pool. Children will like it more if near the pool you are given a place to relax in the empty space.  And the presence of sufficient lighting will make the atmosphere of your swimming pool look warmer.

Wood of the swimming pool
The wood of the swimming pool

We get Inspiration from https://decoredo.com/

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