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3 Interesting Forms of Small Garden Landscaping in Front of Your House

For the arrangement of the garden in front of your house, sometimes many families do not pay much attention to this. The result will make your home look gloomy and dull.

Therefore you should pay attention to the small garden in front of your house. Because sometimes the little things will be very valuable if used properly. Vice versa. Small things will spoil the aesthetics of beauty if not cared for properly.

In this article, we will discuss 3 interesting forms of small garden arrangements in front of your house. Hopefully our discussion this time can help you and provide a lot of knowledge for all of you who read.

3 Interesting Forms of Small Garden Landscaping in Front of Your House

1. Beautiful front yard landscaping full of lots of flowers.

For this type of landscaping, a beautiful front yard full of lots of flowers is perfect for those of you who don’t really like plants but really like flowers. As in this 1st picture, just plant several types of flowers in front of your small home page. Do not forget the selection and placement of rocks around your garden.

Beautiful front yard landscaping
Beautiful front yard landscaping

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2. Awesome landscaping forest lake

Awesome landscaping forest lake
Awesome landscaping forest lake

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In this 2nd picture, an amazing landscape forest lake, you can add a lake or water flow so that your garden or yard is more beautiful and certainly interesting. You just make your garden as attractive as possible. Don’t forget a touch of rocks and a little grass and flowers that will make your yard a perfect page.

If you don’t want grass, you can make it or you can add black soil to beautify your yard. Maybe the presence of fir trees will make it feel like winter. Hopefully, it can provide inspiration for you.

3. Front yard landscaping ideas full of grass and plants and flowers

This will be everyone’s favorite type, as it is complete. There are plants that are attached to the wall, there are flowers that hang near the window, there are flowers and plants that are planted, and there is green grass in front of your flower garden.

Why near the window? The answer is so that when we wake up we can enjoy the beauty of the flowers and gardens that are blooming in your yard. Or you can make your garden like another theme, which can hang jasmine flowers and roses in the garden in your garden. even more interesting if there is a tree that is made like a Christmas tree.

Front yard land scaping ideas full
Front yard landscaping ideas full

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